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It is Winter in 2017, The New Year

Happy New Year!

If you know me, you know I'm a bit of a hermit, so please do come when I invite you to my first show of 2017. February 28 at 8pm at The White Eagle I'm the happy guest of Wonderly (good friends Ben Landsverk and Jim Brunberg)--and Taylor John Williams (from television's The Voice!) is also on the bill. Yow! And Zow! Expect some first-rate singing between Wonderly and Williams. And maybe I'll try to challenge both acts to an uncomfortable sing off, and I promise to go full-on melismatic. Please do come out! Click here to get tix:
Wonderly Night.

Jeff (Saltzman) and I have been getting some great work done on Album #10. Very grateful to be working (again) with someone 1) I know so well who knows me so well, and 2) remains undaunted when I say "...can't we...?" and proceed to ask for the moon. I think we're well on our way to making something I like. :)

A BIG thank you to Opera Theater Oregon for adopting my next album for their new Opera Lab project! I'm delighted and abrim with thanks.

PLEASE NOTE: All my stuff is available for purchase exclusively on Bandcamp. I made the decision to ditch all other online outlets, including iTunes and Amazon, when I put out 'Falimy.' Stupid, you may say, but it made me feel better for some reason.

Anyway--just wanted to clarify that this was my decision, and that I appreciate your patience. Bandcamp is actually super easy to use and you can get better sound files. Both I and Jeff Stuart Saltzman, who pours his heart, soul and ears into recording my stuff, thank you for buying there and avoiding tinny crap.

Without your support, it'd be very lonely out here. Thank you, one and all.

Cover Kitty: Olive Martini Paladeni! Follow her to the music! Photo by artist (and friend)
Tammy Paladeni, Olive's loving family.

p.s....some radio shows and podcasts i like:

Hello Cruel World on XRAY-FM with John B. Jones
The Outside World on KBOO with Daniel Flessas
Radio Lost and Found on KBOO with Rich Lindsay
Kill Ugly Radio with Rich Lindsay
In Memory of John Peel with Zaph Mann
Ola's Kool Kitchen on Radio23 with DJ Ola
I Like It Like That on KMHD with Tom D'Antoni

p.s...My friend Zakk made me a fan page on the FB: the
"Rachel Taylor Brown Fan Page for Musical Enlightenment." Please believe me that I didn't name it that.

p.s...That two of my songs were included in the Loud Family/Game Theory legend Scott Miller's book, "Music: What Happened?" is probably one of the things that makes me the most proud ever. Scott Miller died Monday, April 15, 2013. I will always be grateful to him, and to Sue Trowbridge for sharing my music with him.

p.s...if you need anything and it's not here please contact Howard Wuelfing, Howlin Wuelf Media. Thank you, Howard. Thank you, Wendy.

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